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November 25th is the day that Mirabal sisters who stant against fachist regiment of Trujillo

got raped and killed.

For long years Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina prevail the Dominique Republic and for ensure his position he brought his relatives to competent authority. He either killed or got arrested people who against him. His extreme precaution got reaction both national and international level.

One of the secret organizations established against the Trujillo dictatorship was Clandistane.

Mirabal Sisters and their husbands established this organizations. They got arrested because of their actions against dictatorship regime.

They got killed soon afterwards Trujillo’s “This country’’s biggest problem is the church and the Mirabel sisters” speech.

This incident showed as a “traffic accident” by the state. But in actual fact these three women got raped, tortured and thrown off a cliff.

Trujillo belives that with this incident he can keep of the opposition’s rising impact. However, the situation did not turn out as he had calculated. Mirabal Sister’s death cause celebre.

In domino effect, uprisings started. Almost a year aftr three sisters murder, Trujillo killed with a assassination.

In year 1963, after 31 years of Trujillo dictatorship, Dominican people elected a goverment that came to power in a democratic way for the first time.

November 25th 1999, United Nations declare that day as “International Day fort he Violence Against Women Day”.

While it is expected to increase measures and make legal arrangements to prevent violence against women in Turkey, the fact that Law No. 6284 is not fully implemented, leaving the İstanbul Convention as “contrary to general morality” causews violence against women to reach serious dimensions and increasing femicide.

(According to the data of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform between 2010 and 2019, the number of women killed is 2758.)

According to We Will Stop Femicide Platform’s 2020 report, 300 women got killed.

Between January 2021 and September 2021, 313 women got killed. (This number also inclueded suspicios women death too.)

Women will continue to raise their voices on the streets this year, as they do every year on the anniversary of 25th November.

Various women’s organizations make calls with social media posts, posters and brochures for come together in the streets to raise their voices side by side in different cities and districts on November 25 this year. This year women and LGBTİ+ people will come together on street and digital media.

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