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Gülmez "Since we are an alternative to the AK Party and the Future Party, they do not allow our part

The People and Freedom Party, which took the steps of becoming a party in 2017 and has been prevented from being established since 2018, has been fighting for years for the official establishment announcement. In addition to the blocked legal process, Menice Rümeysa Gülmez, Vice Chairman of the Human and Freedom Party, one of the founders of the party, who frequently held vigils in front of the Ministry of Interior, explained this process for our readers.

Gülmez, She states that after making the first application in 2017, about 46 parties have been formed.

Gülmez,also conveyed the information that the Green Party, which has gone through a similar process with them, could not organize because the certificate of receipt was not given in Turkey.

Stating that the Ministry of Interior did not want to receive the documents and wanted them to be sent by mail, Gülmez said, "Actually, the ministry does not give the documents to certify that they have received them."

Gülmez stated that they were faced with the defense of the ministry, which did not provide the receipt document, that there were objectionable words in the party statute, and argued that this was proof that the document was received.

She claimed that the main reason why the establishment of the party was not allowed was that it was seen as an alternative to parties such as the AK Party and the Future Party.

Noting that the human being is at the center of her party, Gülmez stated that for this reason, they consider it appropriate to name the party as the Human Party.

“As the People and Freedom Party, we take people as the center within the framework of freedoms.”

Menice Rümeysa Gülmez, who stated that women are supported in the statute of the Human Party, stated that the women's quota has not been filled yet and that they will keep the quota high despite this. She emphasized that in order to increase this rate, they need to obtain the certificate of receipt and to be established in practice.

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