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about us


The association works to investigate the social, cultural, psychological and socio-economic status of women against gender inequality and to empower women. The association was established with the aim of establishing a democratic life where human rights and freedoms are guaranteed, social justice and peace prevail, creating public awareness and supporting individuals and organizations working on this issue. 


We will fight for a clean media that is equal to the sensitivity of the existence of women who are exposed to inequality and discrimination, that does not create perception and does not marginalize.


our vision

To fight all kinds of discrimination and violence based on Gender Inequality.


Our Mission

It advocates for gender equality in South East and East Anatolia, supports those who do it and produces policies. 


Our Goals

To work towards the elimination of all kinds of discrimination and restrictions based on gender,


To carry out capacity building activities for its members,


Solidarity with women who have been exposed to violence (physical, psychological, economic, social, etc.) because of their gender or gender identity,


Generating policies on gender equality, campaigns, research, etc. to do


Conducting research and developing suggestions in institutions and organizations related to the concept of woman-friendly.


To combat hate speech against LGBTIs and to produce policies for LGBTI-friendly spaces.


We need your support and attention today!

Neden Örgütleniyoruz?

Why Are We Organizing?

We're getting organized! Because we are exposed to sexual assault and harassment on the street, mobbing at work, all kinds of male violence at home, indirect and direct gender-based discrimination and violation of rights every day.  


Perpetrators are welcomed in court, no deterrent punishments are given. We are organizing to fight all kinds of violence and discrimination against women, LGBTIs and children!  


Family ; The differences between men and women appear in daily life. On the basis of this difference, besides biological sex, there are masculine and feminine values built by society. These values are adopted by the individual in the first years of life. Gender roles shaped by values show their effects in the public and private spheres. While men can easily find a place in the public space, women are busy with household chores in the private space.


Men work in paid jobs outside the home and also have public status. Women, on the other hand, are economically dependent on men and are engaged in unpaid domestic work. The masculine mentality is uneasy about the awareness of women. When women realize their talents and find the opportunity to realize them, male dominance will weaken.


Law ; 440 women were killed by men. 317 women were subjected to sexual violence.  by men in 2018;  440 women were killed and 317 women were subjected to sexual violence.  

We are together with all women who have been subjected to male violence.  We will continue to fight and fight for pressure to enforce the law.


In the Field of Health  ; Abortion became legal in Turkey on May 27, 1983. Abortion is not a debate that has yet become "historical" for Turkey and the world. But at the same time, this debate has quite a long history. Since the issue of abortion has been handled by states for years in terms of population planning rather than the issue of women's health, reproductive rights and individual freedom, it is seen that politicians, not women, have a say in the decision-making process wherever it comes to the agenda. This is the case in Turkey as well as in the world. In a cycle where the husband, the father and the politicians speak and decide, every decision that women make about their bodies is blocked. The latest situation in Turkey, when we examine the hospitals that have gynecology departments in the cities and provide abortion services, we see that the number is very low.  


As the Solidarity Women's Carpet Association, we aim to support and empower women with various trainings on this subject.  

Media ; The media, like all other sectors and organized institutions, has a monopoly of power. In this case, movies, TV series, news and advertisements affect the behavior of the masses, social relations, daily life practices.  It works in a way that protects the continuity and benefit of the concept of "masculinity". Women who are shown to be weak that men make cry, women who wash clothes, women who are not oppressed by masculinity, women who are "bad", news where women who are subjected to male violence are not observed...

All of this is done with the aim of sending messages to the subconscious of the audience that women will be marginalized and coding them into everyone's minds together with their gender roles.


We will fight for a clean media that is equal to the sensitivity of the existence of women who are exposed to inequality and discrimination, that does not create perception and does not marginalize.


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