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As the Solidarity Women's Carpet Association, we will  Gender Academy  share your call  we are excited.

For the visibility and ownership of gender equality and LGBTI+ rights, we will learn together in many fields from the feminism movement in the world to the history of feminism in Turkey and the Kurdish women's movement, from gender-based division of labor to sexuality, from masculinity to LGBTI+ and queer theory, from the gender of cinema to the gender of law. Would you like to take part with us in this academy where lectures are made and readings are made about the subjects?


Gender Academy

Who can apply to the academy?

Young university students between the ages of 17-25 from Diyarbakır, Batman, Urfa and Mardin can apply.

What are the aims and objectives of the Gender Academy?

The aim of the academy is to develop egalitarian attitudes and behaviors towards gender by increasing knowledge and skills to combat gender inequality, gender-based violence and patriarchy.

The aim of the academy is to provide training to at least 2 institutions after 30 participants, whose applications were approved within the scope of the project, after completing their education in the field of gender. The trainings will be held with the partners determined by the mentors.

What will the Gender Academy be like?

  Diyarbakir Gender Academy project will be spread over a year and will cover a total of 12 lessons.

  One training will be given in 15-day periods. After the trainings, you and your participant group will meet together with the mentors on a day you set together.

  Considering the pandemic conditions, we will have online trainings. (Lessons will be held via the Zoom application.)

Taking into account social distance and health conditions, face-to-face trainings will be held at the Office of the Solidarity Women's State Association (Diyarbakır).

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