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Diyarbakir was included in the cities where a colorful women's protest started in 2013 and spread to the world.

The name of the action is as colorful as its participants: Fancy women's bike tour!

This action, which started in Izmir in 2013 and expanded over nine years, took place simultaneously in 15 cities in 30 countries this year.

Inspired by the 22 September World Automobile-Free Cities Day, this action also led to the emergence of very colorful images.

Dozens of women, dressed up and with their colorful bicycles, came together at Park 75, one of the city's busiest new parks.

The number of men who came to support their wives or girlfriends was also high. Many women attended the event with their young children.

Stating that he came to the event to support his mother, Volkan Özdal said that he could not use a bicycle enough due to the pandemic and that he would accompany him on the tour with his mother.

Mother Özdal said, "My son came to support us, he will always be a conscious individual who behaves as he should."

Before the bike tour started, a press release was made and the purpose of the event was expressed.

Şeyma Nur Yapıcı, the spokesperson of the Diyarbakır leg of the tour, read the statement and said that they came together for safe cycling and raising awareness.

“We are proud, the fancy women's bike tour, organized as part of the World Day of Automobile Free Cities, to draw attention to the fact that cycling is a part of daily life, is organized to increase the visibility of women in the society, to give them the opportunity to represent themselves and to reinforce the infrastructure demands for safer cycling.” she said.

The cycling tour, which started with "Zılgıt- which is a kind of earful for special activities” lasted 12 kilometers. Women cycling from the new settlement of the city completed the tour in Keçirburcu of the historical Sur district. At the end of the tour, all the women danced and had fun together.

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