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Punishment Like A Prize for Rape Perpetrator Musa Orhan

Musa Orhan, who was tried pending trial, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexual assault. The committee that applied "good behavior" in the decision was punishing by 10 years. In addition, it was decided that, Musa O. should be tried without charge, applying the provisions of the judicial measure on the grounds that he was not suspected of escaping.

The final hearing of the case brought against former specialist sergeant Musa Orhan, who was accused of causing her death by raping İpek Er after he raped her, was held at the Siirt 1st High Criminal Court today.

At the hearing, the prosecutor's office demanded that Orhan be punished and arrested for "sexual assault"

However, the court refused both the prosecutor's and lawyers' requests for arrest.

The defendant was sentenced to a lower limit in accordance with RLT 102/2

Due to qualified sexual assault, the penalty was increased by half to 12 years, but this penalty was reduced to 10 years with 1/6 reduction. Sentenced to be held pending trial.

İpek Er's family, Diyarbakır, Batman, Siirt bar associations and representatives of various non-governmental organizations attended the decision hearing. While the defendant's defense counsel was in the hall, the defendant Musa Orhan attended from Ankara with the Audio Video and Information System (AUVIS).

“If you're in uniform and you're a man, the judiciary gives you a reward, not a punishment.”

İpek Er's lawyers; “Male-State violence detached İpek Er from life and gave the perpetrators a punishment like a reward. If you’re in uniform and you’re a man, the judiciary gives you a reward, not a punishment. This lawlessness, this impunity will end! As Er Family Lawyers, we will continue to follow the case.”

Communication in the courthouse was blocked

Ipek Er's verdict hearing started with a new judicial scandal in Turkey. It was determined that the internet and network were cut off 5 minutes after the lawyers and the audience were taken to the hall. The lawyers demanded that this practice, which is in violation of the trial order, should be abandoned immediately and the conditions of the hall should be brought into compliance with the law. The court refused the request.

İpek Er's mother deteriorate at the hearing

“My daughter is in the grave, but Musa is outside. I urge everyone to be conscientious, I am complaining to the accused and his lawyer, the whole world sees why he has not been arrested," said Judge Kılıç and was taken to the hospital.

What Happened?

18 year old İpek Er, daughter of a shepherd family lives in a village in Batman, killed herself after dash a letter of telling that she had been raped by special sergeant Musa Orhan for four days. The young woman, who was treated at the hospital for 18 days, died despite all efforts.

After special sergeant Musa Orhan released by the court pending a trial, İpek Er’s family and public union responded by the social media. After the responses Musa Orhan got arrested. He was later released by the court pending a trial. In the decision hearing held today, it was decided that he would be sentenced to 10 years in prison by reducing the crime of "qualified sexual assault" and to apply judicial control.

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