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Türkan Who Is A Journalist Based in Batman: ‘We Can Destroy Sexist Language’

Hatice Türkan is one of the prominent women journalists in the local media in Batman. Türkan starts journalism in 2010 at Batman Newspaper afterwards she maintained at Son Söz Newspaper.

Hatice Türkan, who has been working fort his newspaper since 2013, does Street interviews as well as columnist, interview and field journalism.

Türkan, who is also editor in cheif at the same journal keep working on the profession she called “dream job”.

She defends that people of the city trusting women journalists more than men journalists. Türkan said, that the the sexist language that dominates the press should be destroyed.

With Hatice Türkan we talk sexist media and being a woman journalist in Batman.

When did you start journalism, could you tell us the process?

I’m from Batman. After my graduation from department of business I came back to my hometown and start writing columns in local newspapers. That is ensure to approach my dream job step by step. As a person who writes, grind out articles I find an opportunity to share and published my articles. Over time, I learn tricks of the trade of this business and became a journalist by doing street interviews and private interviews. Currently I’m the editor of the chief at Son Söz Newspaper.

There is few women journalist who work locally, what are the situations that challenge you most?

Yes not only Batman locally, but in reality worldwidely women journalist population is lower than men journalist. In fact, it is possible to see this picture in all line of work. It is the consequence of men take part of bussiness world more than women. It is in the sameway on press. There are some difficulties brought about by the fact that the female population remains low not only in journalism but also in all business lines. “Woman are incapacitate to work”, Woman can not be succeed at work these kind of prejudices are causes women to lag behind in business life and face more serious difficulties. A woman feel more pressure than a men about demonstrate herself. A woman needs to make greater sacrifices to prove herself in business life.

How do the people of Batman approach a female journalist?

Batman deserve credit for it. Contrary to popular belief, I can see the respect for women differently and more special in Batman. People of Batman, believes and trust to women more than men. Likewise, civil society, administiratiors and craft. Woman, take more serious it’s interlocuter. There are, of course, exceptions in this sens, as everywhere. Solely, in generel terms, I think people of Batman deserve appreciation for the value they place on women and women journalists.

November 25 World Fight Against Violence on Women Day is oncoming. As a journalist, are you find enough the struggle aganist violence to woman?

Actually, it’s a day both we care and feel at the same time. Because, in a world where violence against women is talked about, there would not be a day like 25 november.

Not only in our region, but wordwidely there is violence, abuse, neglation against women. In order to overcome this, such special days are created. The aim is, create awarness, reduce the violence, even destroy the violence. Is it achived the goal? Not on this moment, but with time, surely. In this sense, November 25 World Fight Against Violence on Women day is an important day. In Batman everyone is trying to do something in their own way and raise awareness. Is it enough? Unless the violence against women ends; NEVER! By the way, speaking of; we are on the anvil of a seminar series of speaks about women rights and how to prevent violence at Batman University. We have completed our meetings for the screening of film recordings prepared against violence against women in buses, shopping malls and hospitals in Batman. We are preparing to set up a stand in a shopping center for the promotion of the KADES application, which enables women to reach the security forces with a single click in case of violence and threat.

Sexist language is rais in the media, how can we prevent this sexist language. Is journalism a male occupation?

You have a point. Presently, on the harassment against women news molester men faces and names are hiding, but abused woman photographs are publishing. In the femicide news, it’s published with the reason of murder. With this the murder is tried to be justified. We have to come a long way. Destroying the sexist language is not going to be a hard thing to do. New generation of journalist are aware towards about this topic. In the futere, there will be good things, I can feel it.

You as a journalist, In Batman in which part of the women struggle you are taking an action? What do you do?

Yes, it is a topic I’m care about. In Batman, I try to be at the frontline of this struggle. While I have been carrying out my activities for women for years, I aim to raise awareness by reporting them in the newspaper I work for. On the 8 March World Women Day, on the 25th Novembers, women cycle, on the documentary movie projections I always try to be a part of it. One of the parts of my struggle is that I give priority to women's news, follow up the news of victimized women and make an effort to finalize it.

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