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Webinar on Digital Violence from Women’s State of Solidarity Association

Nurcihan Temur and Attorney Aslı Karataş were the speakers of the 24th of November in the program organized by the Women’s State of Solidarity Association (DAKAHDER) within the scope of the 25 November Week for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Many feminist women came together in the webinar, moderated by Lawyer Merva Demircan from Diyarbakır Bar Association. The third of the programs organized by DAKAHDER within the scope of the Week Against Violence was held on the topic of Gender-Based Cyber Violence/Digital Violence.

On her speech Nurcihan Temur cited what is cyber violence, who incur to it, who is the actors. Lawyer Aslı Karataş gave information about the methods of combating digital violence and its legal dimensions.

Cyber Violence is Increasing

Temur, who was the first speaker, emphasized that there is no common definition of cyber violence yet, but the terminology in this field is getting richer every day.

"Experiencing the events in digital environments did not reduce the degree of violence," said Temur, like all forms of gender-based violence, cyber violence is also a

she pointed out that it is a result of human rights violations and inequalities.

Stating that inequalities are deepening with the pandemic period around the world, Temur said, "Cyber violence, which is a form of gender-based violence, is also increasing."

What is Cyber Violence

Emphasizing that there are different types of cyber violence, Temur explained these concepts as follows:

Cyber stalk,

Stalk with name: Happening via e-posta, online messages or internet.

Cyber Abusement: Unwanted sexually explicit messages

Cyber Bullying: Bullying using digital Technologies

Visual focused Sexual Harrasment: Online distribution of sexually explicit photos or videos without the consent of the person in the image

'Solidarity Should Install’

Lawyer Aslı Karataş also gave a speech on what can be done against of Digital Violence.

Karataş emphasized that those who are exposed to this situation should be complained to the relevant platform regarding the violation of corporate ethical principles. Karataş, who said that he should support the victim of violence and establish solidarity, continued as follows:

She said, "Security measures should be ensured, evidence should be collected, screenshots taken, shared with someone you trust, (he can apply as a witness in the future) and a complaint should be made" and underlined that digital violence is punished under the TPC.

Digital Violence Precautions!

Karataş listed the measures to be taken for digital security as follows:

"Change your password frequently, do not use easy passwords, pay attention to the use in the common area, carefully read the membership questions, be very careful about spam mails, pay attention to what applications we install can be accessed"

The Zoom event ended after the participants' questions were answered.

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