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With the opening of universities, a big increase in rental houses in Eskişehir

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After the decision of the Higher Education Institution for face-to-face education, the

increasing rent prices in Eskişehir came to the fore.In the city where Anadolu,

Osmangazi and Eskişehir Technical University are located, 62,562 students receive

formal education.( In

Eskişehir, which is one of the cities where the student population is dense compared

to the population, there has been an increase in rent prices by up to 40 percent after

the decision of YÖK for face-to-face education.

In Eskişehir, there was a 40 percent increase in rents, even up to 60 percent in some

districts, before the preferences were announced.

“We can't rent a house because of opportunistic landlords”

Anadolu University Communication Design and Management Science senior student

Mehmet Can Nazlıcan returned to his family's home in Kütahya during the pandemic

process. After two years, he wanted to rent a house in Eskişehir, and he was very

angry that the rent prices had increased so much.

“As a result of the prices raised by the opportunistic home owners, we have to live at

least two people in a 30 square meter house.”

Stating that the prices of private dormitories, apartments and rents have increased

exorbitantly in the city, Can continues his words as follows:

”Houses close to the university are between 30-50 square meters and are 1+1. But

most of these homes don't even have room for a refrigerator. You have to put it in

the hall. A single bed can only fit in one room of the house they say consists of two

rooms. They give us prices for these houses where 2-3 people can live. While the

rents of these houses are 500 liras, they are currently around 1000-1200. We can't

rent a house because of opportunistic landlords.''

“My excitement about starting university gave way to the trouble of finding a


Büşra S., who won the Mining Engineering Department of Osmangazi University last

year, continued her education remotely due to the pandemic. She says that the

excitement of living in a different city and being physically present at the university

for the first time has given way to anxiety due to uncertainty.

“Community dormitories and KYK dormitories are far from here, and not everyone

gets the chance to live here. Apartment owners say that they include many bills such

as Wi-Fi and heating in the rent, and they try to justify the situation with this.

However, they also say that 4-5 people will stay in small houses. Will I be able to find

a home to replace my excitement about starting university? How am I going to pay?”

The landlords think that the students already live in the house with 2-3 people,

and they will split the rent.

İlhan Karataş, who works as a real estate agent in Uluönder, one of the

neighborhoods where students live in Eskişehir, also complains about the increasing

prices. Arguing that the houses were empty last year and that the landlords turned

this into an opportunity, İlhan Karataş continues his words as follows:

“With the opening of schools this year, demand has skyrocketed, and homeowners

want to quickly cover last year's loss. For this reason, the rental prices, which were

600-700 liras before the pandemic, went up to 1500. The landlords think that the

students already live in the house with 2-3 people and they will split the rent.”

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